Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Autumn scraps

This month is focusing on orange over at the Rainbow Scrap challenge. Although I'm no longer finishing most of tasks I started back when the year was still young and energetic, I can't resist orange. I love it. LOVE it! I pulled out some reds, golds, and browns too, and started cutting the many many small pieces to make a full-size Rapid City quilt (from, yep, Elizabeth Hartman, once again!) in autumn colors. There are sixteen different sizes to cut for this, but I sped up the process a bit by trimming down any small bits in the right colors that I had already cut for other scrap projects.

Today while the boys held a K'nex-a-thon in the other room, I got all of the block units sewn together:

I think I'm going to use the ivory "rock candy" fabric (hanging on the wire in the photo) as the setting, and a rich dark brown stripey piece that I picked up this weekend as the dark "branch" segments.

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