Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pink? Pink? What's Wrong With Pink?

I got my little pink Roller Rink quilt all quilted this afternoon. This took three whole bobbins of super-fine thread, and a LOT more time than I had expected. I do not anticipate doing this tight echoing on a large quilt anytime soon.
"Pink Rink in Your Think" (36 x 48")
I started with one diagonal line from a corner, then did the whole upper-left quadrant in straight lines about a half-inch apart. That was boring, though, so I drew a chalk line from the opposite corner perpendicular to the first line to make an angle in the lower-right quadrant. But that was boring too, so I drew a 4.5" square where the perpendicular lines met and echoed both inside and outside of that to finish the bottom section. I'll hold off on the binding until I have a meeting that could possibly benefit from some handwork.

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