Sunday, September 30, 2012

Toodle-oo September!

Even by my standards, I had an incredibly productive weekend. (This was helped by the fact that I have a head cold and am just congested enough that sitting down for a long time results in compromised respiratory functioning.) Brace yourself for's what I accomplished:

I completed all of the quilting -- wavy border lines and 30 (!) embroideries -- on the Beatles quilt. However, I did have to remove one of the embroideries due to tension problems. I'll restitch this one and bind it up later this week, after I replenish my black Aurifil. That stuff lasts forever -- I use it for all my piecing, and it worked great in embroidering these quilt motifs -- but I burn through it!
Quilting the Beatles!
I made and attached binding to my cute little Pink Rink quilt, which by tomorrow night will be in the "Finished in 2012" list. I'll post finished photos when the binding is stitched down.

I quilted and bound the mini "Fire Drill" from Modern Patchwork. I'm not terribly in love with this one; I was experimenting with softer colors than the ones I prefer. Lesson learned.
"Fire Drill" mini (binding is still loose in this photo)
I quilted my orange squares for the Rainbow Scrap challenge. (I was thinking this was the only orange project I finished this month, but I guess the autumnal Rapid City started as an orange buster too.) I have eight of these finished now:
Simple spiral quilting on the orange squares.
Finally, sometime mid-week I realized that September was nearly over but I hadn't made anything for the Color Palette challenge. I really love this month's photo:
September photo for Judy Laquidara's Color Palette Challenge
I pulled my bins of appropriately colored scraps and got to work. The boys noticed that the colors are very similar to the colors in April's challenge (remember mine?); I agree -- I actually thought the moldy pie reminded me of the springs and pools at Yellowstone. Inspired by Elizabeth Hartman's new version of her Glam Garlands quilt that she's been working on this month, I decided to use my Wing Clipper ruler to make a version with a bunch of flying geese. Here's what I came up with:
Garlands of Geese (42 x 52"). Completed for September Color Palette Challenge.
A new habit that I'm trying to develop is to prepare the back at the same time that I complete a top; I'm thinking they're less likely to languish in the UFO bin if both pieces are ready to go when I'm ready to baste something. Here's the back for the September geese:
Pieced back for the Garlands of Geese quilt.
And it's only 7:50 on Sunday. What to do, what to do...


  1. Holy smokes! All I managed to do was buy more fabric!

  2. This flying geese quilt is gorgeous! Well done!

    1. Thank you! I'm really enjoying this challenge...learning to see inspiration everywhere!

  3. I love the "Garlands of Geese." This makes me want to make one too!

  4. Looks really good! Love the colors and the back matches so well.

  5. The idea of the piecing the back is just great,makes the quilt reversible. Two quilts in one, thanks for the idea.

  6. Your colors match the challenge great

  7. I love the garlands of geese - might bookmark that idea to pinch. You've also reminded me that I forgot to blog one of my recent accomplishments - for all the quilts I have backing fabric for (there are a few I don't) - I have now stitched the backing together so it's ready to go - same theory you are working under!