Monday, October 29, 2012

Pre-Sandy preparations: Part II

So far no power outage...plenty of time to do October's free-motion challenge. I had spent some time doing the paper prep-work with Child the Younger this week, while Child the Elder had his piano lesson. Here's my practice job:

Kind of like a zentangle. I like this style.

I scavenged up a scrap of navy silk from when I sewed my husband's academic regalia robes, and sandwiched it with two layers of batting. I didn't have any wool or silk or bamboo, so I just used two layers of low loft poly. Close enough for an emergency pre-storm situation.

I started with some nice 12-wt Sulky as the border, then switched to a 30-wt blue for the first step. I didn't want to do my name, in case it came out well enough to frame, so I used a nice studio-wall word:

I switched back and forth several times between the two weights of Sulky blendables, some regular sewing-weight Gutermann, and the rayon Sulky that I use for embroidery. I decided to work on my bubbles, since those are sort of tricky for me. This time I focused on varying their size, and I like how it turned out. I also tried a few new motifs, including the checkerboard and the clamshells at the top. I really love the nautilus - it's a fast way to fill in irregular spaces. The one on the right is one that I developed on paper, as a fill-in for wavy but mostly straight areas (like tree trunks). My son and I have christened it "mermaid's tail." 

This little project is a keeper! I'm so happy with how it came out that I'm going to frame it and hang it above my cutting table.

Take THAT, Sandy! October projects are done!


  1. Nice! Glad you got it done before storm hit hard! That is how I felt last night when I got mine finished :) Looks great and love your center writing !

  2. Great job! Hope you weather the storm with no outages!