Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tula Pink Quilt Along

Last week I found a notice about a Tula Pink sew along...so while my parents were visiting this weekend I dug out a stack of lovely oceany batiks (thanks, Deb!) and started cutting the pieces for the quilt called "Fade to Pink" in the Quilts from the House of Tula Pink book. I couldn't find an online image of the quilt in the book, but this one from the sew along is incomparably lovely. I do love the full spectrum.

I had some nearly solid bright purple fabric that I decided to use as the sashing/borders, chosen largely because I had enough of it (and the contrast is brilliant!). I think the pattern called for 4.5 yards, but I'm pretty sure I didn't even use a full 4...which means I have several other possibilities if I decide to make another of these. This is an incredibly fast pattern; I spent half of Saturday monkeying around with the order of the fabrics and had everything cut before I went to bed that night. The 2-piece blocks took just a few hours during Sunday football, although keeping track of which went where took a little organizing. I'll probably have this top finished tomorrow evening after my class.
Ocean-y fade quilt top, still in progress

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