Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another bag

Finished my batik bag this morning while the boys played Magic: The Bickering at a friend's house. I used a sliver of an upholstery vinyl as the first (lowest) strip, thinking that it would hold up a little better than cotton on the bottom of the bag in terms of both durability and washability. Two things I learned: (1) it was pretty bulky to sew through; I kept getting the "presser foot too high" warning label and I broke two (!) needles sewing the corners off; and (2) I should have made the strip wider so it would have run up the side of the bottom rather than just being the very bottom; this way there will still be cotton touching the floor when I set it down. Blerg.

I have know idea where the wooden button came from (journal group, perhaps?), but it was the perfect finishing touch for this bag.

JD's bag (Marlous Designs)

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