Monday, June 24, 2013

Sexy Pixels: The Mark Harmon Quilt (Series Finale!!)

So. I know there are many of you -- one in particular! -- who have been waiting eagerly...and after three afternoons of quilting with four shades of Aurifil (and one quick trip to the FLQS to replenish the white spool)...
Without further ado:
Close view of Sexy Pixels: The Gibbs Quilt. (64 x 64")

Moving out...
...a little further...
...still further...
From a distance I feel like he's IN MY YARD!!
As we were taking these photos, my menfolks' reaction was "Wow, that's really freaky!" I'll take that as a compliment -- but good firm Gibbs-style head slaps all around for good measure.
I even found the NCIS font to make the custom detail too small!
And there you have it!

With gratitude to Caro Sheridan for her (!) free (!) Pictures to Pixels Quilts class on Craftsy.


  1. My daughter says you should send it to us... Somehow I doubt you'll go for that. now I'm worried she's going to slap the back of my head before leaving the room...

  2. would love to have this pattern to make one for me

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