Thursday, June 20, 2013

River!! (Thing 3)

Nanohexie piecing is finished!! (Not sure when I made the mental adjustment from micro- to nano-, but I think it's a fair scale indicator.)

That's 1,107 hexies for those keeping track at home.
The photo is rather blown out; in person, the colors really blend beautifully, and somehow I think I actually pulled off a sense of the sunset reflecting and brightening just a small area of "beach." Nonetheless, I think I'm going to shade those gray rocks a little to lessen their focus, and of course I still have to quilt the whole thing. I finally made the jump onto Pinterest (well, a little toe-dabbling perhaps) and found a great way to finish the edges while retaining the neat crenellated shape. Not much more now! I'm very eager to get this finished, because I'm excited to start working on our group's next project.

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