Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gypsy Wife, Part 2

I worked up three more blocks last night; I'm having fun with these, since (1) I haven't done a lot of traditional block piecing in a while, and (2) I'm cutting into lots of good new pieces that have been sitting around without a job to do.

Block 4: Hope from Hartford (7.5")

No problems with this one, but I did cut the pieces a little larger than specified before starting. For this block, you DO have to cut each triangle separately, because you need to end up with identical units instead of two sets of mirror images. I have no idea why, but I always like the look of blocks that are constructed with partial seams. The thread spools in the center were the perfect scale for this block; I also used some precious bits of my beautiful Japanese crayon fabrics.
Gypsy Wife "Hope from Hartford" block

Block 5: Crazy Anne (10")

The pattern for this block called for all different fabrics in each corner; I modified that a bit by using the same fabric for all of the triangles. I pulled out a few Tula Pink squares for the squares, and cut 4 TP charms for the big triangles. I used a scrap of Charley Harper ladybugs shared with me by my friend Nancy (thanks, Nancy!) for the center. For the half-rectangle triangles, I used my TriRecs template instead of cutting the pieces at the sizes that specified in the pattern. Other than that, I don't have any special tricks or advice for this pattern. It's lots of fun to look at.
Gypsy Wife "Crazy Anne" block

Block 6: Star Block (9")

Pretty, pretty, pretty! This was a snap to make, but again, I didn't cut the individual pieces. I cut my squares at 4" and 4.5" to start, and the HSTs and QST units went together in a flash. I am proud of myself for cutting into a brand new fat quarter for the blue accent. Yay, me!
Gypsy Wife "Star Block"
While we watched The Bourne Supremacy (Matt Damon: best actor, or greatest actor EVER?) last night with our returned campers, I finished the binding on my New Wave quilt. If it dries up enough, I'm hoping to take some outdoor photos of that later this afternoon. This morning's task is to baste my Northern Lights throw, then work on a scrapbook cover. These first Gypsy Wife blocks have gone quickly, but there are dozens of little "filler" blocks still to make, then all those strips...

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