Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gypsy Wife, Part 4

So. Many. Triangles. in this quilt! In addition to a first-draft version of the syllabus for the new class I'm teaching this fall, and an out-of-control explosion of fabric on every surface of my sewing area, this is what I ended up with after yesterday:

Block 11: Old Maid Puzzle (8")

These were straightforward but time-consuming. I pieced all of the little triangles using the two-at-a-time technique, then saved one of each pair for the pinwheel filler blocks shown below. (Can you find the identical pairs? A fun matching game for your kids! Suitable for ages 6+). Just for fun -- no really, it wasn't because I wasn't paying attention! -- I twisted the butterfly units differently on the two blocks.
Gypsy Wife "Old Maid Puzzle" blocks

Filler Blocks: Pinwheels (various sizes)

More triangles. Yay. Here's where all the leftovers were pressed (get it?) into service and combined with a trillion more new units. For the borders, I dug into my bin of precut 1 1/2" strips, although I've used up most of the more "modern" fabrics that work in this project. For the tiniest pinwheels on top (which will be used as block centers later), I started with 8 little precut 2 1/2" squares (mostly Tula Pink prints). These are going to finish as 2 1/4" squares. Teeny little suckers.
Gypsy Wife "Pinwheel" fillers

Filler Blocks: Courthouse Steps (various sizes)

After all the triangles, it was like a reward to do some easy courthouse steps. Actually, aren't these just log cabins? What's the difference? I'm proud of myself for cutting into that fun typewriter keys fabric that has been patiently whispering my name from the depths of the Strategic Fabric Reserves. I still have one more of these to finish, then it's onto some diamond-in-a-square type fillers. Some of them have bigger chunks, so I'll have a chance to work in a few fussy cut gems from the bigger prints.
Gypsy Wife "Courthouse Steps" fillers
My machine is heading out for a good once-over later this morning, then I'll be working with my young Protege #3 on her first quilt, a fantastic Cloud Nine creation. Today will be exciting, since I've got the whole design wall cleared off so she can arrange all of her pieces for the final assembly. I'm hoping she won't mind if I take a few photos to share.

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  1. Can I be greedy and ask for any copies of paper piecing patterns you have made of blocks so far? I am about to learn the technique off the web to help with the quilt. I too took up quilting after completing a PhD (Ecology), sometimes I think writing papers or teaching might be less stressful. Maybe I should stick with improv quilts.