Monday, August 4, 2014

Gypsy Wife, Part 3

More blocks to share! I basted my Northern Lights quilt yesterday, then came home to start the quilting. Unfortunately (cue the gloomy cello music) the needle-change screw snapped off so I can't change the needle to a quilting one. I guess there's no more procrastinating. It's time for a tune-up/repair trip.

What this means is, although I can't do any quilting for now, I'll probably continue flying through the Gypsy Wife blocks, because I can do piecework very nicely on my smaller back-up machine.

Block 7: Indian Hatchet (6")

This one was a snap to make, exactly as written in the pattern. I'm not sure I really like the fabrics that I used, but when you look at the whole collection together, it doesn't really stand out as bad. I might redo it, but maybe not. Gotta love the PC name of this block.
Gypsy Wife "Indian Hatchet" block

Block 8: Puss in the Corner (5", one bordered)

These were also pretty straightforward to assemble; I did use my typical HST method instead of cutting the individual triangles before sewing. I really like the "low volume" fabrics on the upper (bordered) block. I think it's closer to getting the right look of the thing.
Gypsy Wife "Puss in the Corner" blocks

Block 9: Nurses Cross (8")

This was a doozy. I did everything just like the pattern suggested and ended up about 1/16 - 1/8" too small. This isn't a big deal, but it's not an easy block to piece, and if your seams tend to be more than scant, I'd say you're in for a border treatment with this one. I didn't redo the math, but I think it would be better to cut all those edge triangles as larger (2 1/4"?) squares cut into quarters, so the straight-of-grain would be on the outside of the block. The pattern might have benefited from some midway dimensions; I trimmed my inner square to 4 1/2", then the next size diamond to 6 1/4" before putting on the pieced corners. I think that was a little too big, but since my block came out a little small I'm not certain what the "correct" trim size should have been. In any case, good luck.
Gypsy Wife "Nurses Cross" block

Block 10: Half Square Triangles (8")

These are two identical blocks, but with different fabric combinations. It would be a great use for the pile of scrap HSTs that lots of quilters have hiding in a bag or box just waiting for the perfect project. I recently gave that bag away, so I cut and made new ones. I cut 32 (16 dark, 16 light/low volume) 3" triangles, cut them in half BEFORE sewing, then paired them up in two different combinations. I had a few stray half triangles leftover from some of the other blocks, so I threw those into the mix as well. Visually speaking, these blocks are really going in the right direction. At this point, I'm starting to consider whether I need to remake some of my earlier ones with better/different/(less saturated?) fabrics.
Gypsy Wife "Half Square Triangle" blocks


  1. What is scaring me about making this quilt, is that experienced quilters are finding it very challenging, and I am a beginner. I am starting to wonder if I should shove the pattern at the back of a cupboard and enrol on a craftsy BOM instead. Meanwhile, please keep up with the commentary.

  2. Hi Angelina, I saw your post in March 2012 about your Star of David quilt. I was wondering if you could make up a general pattern for me since I am a beginning quilter. Thank you, Aimee